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MP3 Key Shifter Software 7.0

Modifies the key of locally stored digital songs
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Alter the key of your MP3 songs to make them better match your voice when you're singing. Choose the fragment of the song where the change should take place and listen to the way it's going to sound like before actually saving the output file. The tool works with one or multiple MP3 files at the same time.

MP3 Key Shifter is a small software tool that allows you to open your MP3 audio files and change its musical key upwards or downwards, so that you can adjust it to better fit your vocal range. When you are happy with the new key, you can make a real-time recording of it while playing, so that you can make the key change permanent and play it back on any media player.

Unfortunately, the trial version of this program opens its "Buy page" on your Internet browser automatically every time you run it, together with an annoying "trial window" that invites you to buy the program, enter a license code, open the developer's support page (a general one, instead of a specific page for this tool), and open the developer's home page. This window cannot be closed or minimized, which makes it really annoying.

The program's main window is very simple and easy to use. It shows a panel where you can see a list of all the MP3 files you have selected and two buttons, one to add individual files and another one to select all the files stored in a folder. But, once again, the trial version of the program only allows you to work with one file at a time. There is also a selector to move the track's key upwards or downwards, and an embedded media player intended to let you listen to the changes you have applied to your audio files. However, this player is too basic, and it just lets you play back, pause, and stop any track, and lacks more complex (though still basic) elements, like a volume control.

After that, you can choose the output folder where your recorded files will be stored. You will also find a button to record the audio being played, but unfortunately the recording function is only active on the registered version of the program. Even in that case, you can only save it while you are listening to it, instead of offering you an entire new version of the file in the new key.

Undoubtedly, MP3 Key Shifter is actually capable of changing the key of any MP3 file, but it presents so many trial limitations that make it almost useless. Even though its price is not too high, its one-task functionality may not result very useful for many people.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Simple and easy-to-use interface


  • Every time you run its trial version, it opens a "buy page"
  • Its trial version opens a separate trial window that cannot be closed or minimized
  • Its trial version does not allow you to save the changed file
  • The embedded media player is too simple
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